This year is a BIG year for us, we launched writers workshop K-5 and I am thrilled!  As I visit classrooms I can see the changes in children as writers and teachers as teachers of writing.  This initiative is close to my heart and one I have waited a long time to implement.

I was excited last year when I became the principal of a K-8 school and I was immediately approached by a first grade teacher, who looked like a student herself, asking to schedule a meeting with me to discuss balance literacy.  Well, little did she know that literacy was a passion of mine.  That seed grew from some professional development for interested K-3 teachers on a Saturday morning, to fourth and 5th grade teachers wanting to join in, to a K-5 commitment to implement writers workshop.  While we are not yet where we want to be we are a whole lot further than we were!

So, I celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! The planning, the launch, the writing, the publishing, and the celebration!




9 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. I, too, have been totally committed to writing workshop in my classroom this year. I love your chart. I have one similar but it doesn’t list the specifics of each part. I may have to revise my a little. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations on everyone joining in! Love that you are enjoying the workshop process and love seeing the photos! Best wishes in all the wonderful learning that will be going on!

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